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omnichannel retail at your fingertips

e-tailr is an online multichannel retailer helping your brand to build a presence in European marketplaces and to sell through our own direct-to-customer niche websites

Online Marketplaces

The majority of online sales happens in today’s largest online marketplaces

It’s time to embrace the online marketplaces as part of your retail strategy. The modern consumer is shopping more on marketplaces than anywhere else online. e-tailr helps ensure they’ll find your brand.

Forecasting & Planning

We will develop a pricing and purchasing strategy enabling us to position your brand for long-term success.

Listing Optimization

We aim to position your products high up on the list of search results. This is achieved by listing content optimization and SEO enhancements.

EU Tax Compliance

e-tailr will take care of European VAT filings as we are the endpoint of sale to the consumer, taking the worry of tax compliance off your hands.

CPC Campaigns

We can increase your conversion rate by driving targeted traffic to your products.

Selling In Europe

We can distribute your products on marketplaces throughout Europe or just in a few selected countries. The choice is yours.

Customer Service

We take customer service off your hands dealing with all inquiries, returns, complaints related to your products.

Listings Monitoring

We continuously scan our listings to identify unauthorized sellers and monitor pricing.


We will increase traffic to your product listings using social media and e-mail marketing campaigns.

Niche Websites

Selling your products on direct-to-consumer niche websites broadens your exposure and legitimizes your brand. e-tailr operates a suite of online stores, offering you a placement opportunity for your products


Your brand integrity to stay ahead

We collaborate with you to ensure your listings are compliant and your brand is represented accurately.


Your products to increase sales

We increase your discoverability on the marketplaces and focus on brand building to set you up for success.


Your brand to drive traffic

We will work with you to increase your conversions through strategic and impactful campaigns on all marketplaces.

We are one of the fastest growing omnichannel retailers in Europe

E-commerce in Europe presents an immense opportunity but due to it’s fractured nature it is more difficult to sell across all European marketplaces than it is to sell in the US. We know our way around the European marketplaces and can take all the hassle off your hands. Get in contact today and join us on our journey to becoming the largest omnichannel retailer in Europe.


Are you an agency or a retailer?

We are an online retailer

Are you an agency or a retailer?

We are an online retailer. We like to have our skin in the game as we believe that this will align ours and our partners’ interest.

Will you buy stock?

We either buy stock or fulfill orders using the drop-shipping model. This allows us to be flexible and adapt to our partners’ requirements.

Will you work with every brand or distributor?

Before we agree to onboard your brand or products, we wil perform an in-depth market research using propriertary technology and methods. This means that if we agree to work with you, there is a high chance of success for your brand or product list.

Brand Owners

We work with brand owners to build their presence on European online marketplaces and to help them grow their sales.


We are always looking to expand our offerings on European marketplaces and on our niche websites by building strategic partnerships with distributors.

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